About artist and writer Kristian Byskov:

Kristian Byskov

Contact: kristianbyskov@kkart.dk


Kristian Byskov seeks consistently to diversify his artistic practice through a play with media and collaborations – here lies a constant experimentation of ways of producing and sharing art along with its processual possibilities for emancipation.

A recurring theme in Kristian’s practice is delving on the human being as intricately connected to our surrounding ecological systems. Here, he especially focuses on existential and social responses to ecological collapse and rights to land.

Always with a starting point in research and critical conversation, Kristian expands his practice into fields such as:

Writing of novels and theatre plays, especially science fiction

Art installations of various media such as film, sound, performance, sculpture and furniture

Processes of facilitation and designing organisational patterns and formal structures along with different inhabitants of spaces and land (This practice falls under the umbrella Pedagogy Of Space)

Kristian Byskov is born in 1984 in Næstved, DK, and graduated Master of Fine Arts from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, 2013.

Additionally, he is a trained facilitator of Theatre of the Oppressed from Kuringa, Berlin (DE), 2016, and holds a Permaculture Certificate, 2013.

He received Munch-Christensen’s Debutant Price for Mitose, The Charlottenborg Grant for BUBOS as well as work grants in literature and visual arts from The Danish Art Foundation.






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