Artistic Pedagogy

Many great moments in art happens in situations of social exchange – and not necessarily in exhibitions or museums. When talking about an artistic pedagogical practice, one could see this as refining and capturing these moments. In this context, pedagogy is not something necessarily tied to an institution, nor is it something that happens in groups of fixed ages or types of people.

Working pedagogically, I have both practised and researched different approaches, among these are the critical pedagogy of Paulo Freire as well as the philosophy of Félix Guattari. Seeing the pedagogical situation as an assemblage of exchanges, where the role of the teacher becomes more a facilitator of intensities, is for me essential. It is in these situations the subject of art can touch and become active with people in a very direct and unique way. In this way, it does not seem possible for me to view art without an element of pedagogy in it.

Through the last decade I have researched and practised pedagogy as an artist, teaching art and writing courses. Further, I have expanded my search of pedagogical methods into theatre and design of spaces. These investigations are assembled under the theme Pedagogy of Spaces. Further, I have taken courses in Theatre of the Oppressed with a focus on Forum Theatre.