Ped-space intro


Pedagogy of Space is a long term research project conducted by Kristian Byskov and Margarita del Carmen together with other artists, urbanists, architects etc.

In short, it is a practice that researches and works with the collective production of space from below. Explained, this consists of the design processes of people who desire together to change and develop the space they inhabit on an everyday basis. This is something that happens all the time, often without our noticing it.

What our practice and research is about is to explore and try methods of collaborative design of space in order for people, citizens, to create better conditions for designing together. This consists of both practical tools of design as well as exercises and methods to explore social dynamics as well as power structures within groups – and within the system that conventionally produces space (the developers, the planners, the architects, the politicians).

Pedagogy of Space is a very practical form of research aiming at sharing through facilitation as well as seeking to strengthen group creativity and the desire to activate the immediate space of one’s everyday life.