Touching Grass


In collaboration with Margarita del Carmen – contribution to Owen Griffiths’ work Becoming Garden

Poster with a collage of texts critically working on the idea of rhizomes both as an image of understanding social constructions as well as different ecologies

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“Rhizomes are networks of roots dividing, spreading underground and making shoots of plants into the open. Additionally, it is an image first used by philosophers Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari, to understand structures of living systems, such as societies, families, etc., in a different way than the normative, vertical, hierarchical way among other.

The root systems of many grasses are rhizomes. A green lawn of grass forms a rhizomic system mostly based on one species. This is often desired by us, because we like the green colour and the softness of it. It is also a monoculture. Many green lawn have grasses that are modified in different ways to out-compete other plants – to extinct diversity.

This image of the green lawn, in the municipal park, in the front yard of the suburban house or in the patches between parking lots and side walks all over, poses other eco-critical questions concerning rhizomes, such as: what rhizomes, whose rhizomes, how rhizomes?”