About artist and writer Kristian Byskov:

Contact: kristianbyskov@kkart.dk


The artistic practice of Kristian Byskov spans on a wide range of text, installation, sculpture, film, sound and theatre as well as critical pedagogy. He has written three books and participated in several exhibitions, theatre pieces and other projects in various countries.

In Kristian’s work, the meeting between landscapes and words touch us in often unexpected ways, unfolding new meanings and possibilities. We are ever more connected to our surrounding ecological systems. This evolves within our daily lives and into our future world, formed by catastrophes and new becomings.

With research and dialogue as a starting point, Kristian works with narration as a tool for converging reality and science-fiction. He works with philosophical and political issues around land and body. Here, he opens a questioning of how we can reclaim and reinvent our ideas of nature as well as how to live and form communities.

In addition, Kristian works with facilitation and designing organisational patterns and spaces along with different kinds of groups (see: Pedagogy Of Space).

Kristian Byskov

Kristian Byskov is born in 1984 in Næstved, DK.

He graduated Master of Fine Arts from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, 2013

He received Munch-Christensen’s Debutant Price, The Charlottenborg Grant as well as work grants in literature and visual arts from The Danish Art Foundation.







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