In collaboration with Andreas Rasmussen, Lore Lixenberg, Simon Duus and Kristian Hverring

Performed at:

Kunsthal Charlottenborg

Copenhagen (DK)


BUBOS is a science fiction opera performance and installation. The set design is made with inspiration from NASA’s laboratories and the idea of (en-) closed ecosystems. This idea is widely developed for space travels but is also a part of everyday life for humans.

Within lies the idea of fixed boarders in a space – that nothing can pass certain boundaries as well as the idea of ‘controlled coexistence’ – that if all parts of a biotopic space is connected they will form a closed loop. This happens in case of the breathing human and the plant: CO2 is directed to the plant as oxygen is directed to the human in a closed loop. But are these loops always closed? And what happens in case of disaster?






In BUBOS the sense of time is shifted and lost for the audience and the participating artists in a slow movement towards horizontality, as the entire space breaks down in a feedback of sound, production and body.

The sound, composed by electronic composer Kristian Hverring, is formed as a slow drone, minimally playing on the breath of the singers, Lore Lixenberg and Simon Duus. The libretto is written in Danish as a new piece, mostly assembled through sessions of improvisations with the group.

After the first performance period, the entire set is taken down and reshaped to perform the Remix. Here Lore Lixenberg performs from another place, projected on a screen.

Everything becomes displaced as the relation between the limits of the body is transgressed to its surrounding eco-connections.