Dark Pool



In collaboration with Sidsel Carré, Kristian Hverring and Maria la Cour

Shown at X AND BEYOND, Copenhagen (DK), 2015

Theatre play and installation driven as an algorithmic cycle by simple actions of the audience, electronic sound composition and acting of a text

The theme of DARK POOL is embedded catastrophes of everyday life. They are embedded in human beings as cyborgs. This piece gives the audience an experience of some of the different examples of the cyborg-relations that humans have with complex systems as urban traffics, the financial systems, the ecological systems etc.

The installation of the play focuses on the bodily experience by the audience through the way they are situated in the room and relating to each other as well as the play. In this way, they experience the cyborg-relations between systems and other humans more closely. Thereby DARK POOL becomes a piece that can make the audience aware of their intimate cyborgic relation to systematic technology, the different catastrophic natures this implies as well as other human being in  similar situations (close or far).





Staged first time in X AND BEYOND, Copenhagen (DK), 2015

Supported by Nørrebro Lokaludvalg