A collective design process with the housing coop KAB and residents at Lundtoftegården, Copenhagen

This process ran over four months, where we together with the residents designed two pieces of outdoor furniture in connection to their community garden. The result was a J-shaped bench and a multi-functional work table with drawers, a children-sized bench underneath and a black board.

The method for the design process has been a mix of workshops where we built 1 to 1 prototypes; observed the social and physical surroundings of the backyard; had many conversations with the residents before, during and after.

The idea was to create a process of shaping something very functional and concrete directly with the residents (of all ages). During this process we had a constant eye on the organisational and social fabric of the people engaging. Here an important resource was the small community garden, run by the residents and city-gardener Jann Kuusisaari. A goal for us was to see if such a concrete activity could help spark engagement and understanding of common desires for the group to continue.

The project was supported by The Danish Arts Foundation, KAB and Nørrebro Lokaludvalg