Everyday Dilemma



Everyday Dilemma (by sir Thomas More) is a theatrical reading of a poem with additional costume and props on the wall.

The costume is similar to the dress of sir Thomas More as he is portrayed by Hans Holbein in 1527 (except for the nose plaster, this is another detail). The poem read is supposedly written by More himself and is expressing a distress, a sort of absurd situation, for More has discovered how a perfect world can never be imagined since its inhabitants, little entities, are always in flux. Along with the reading is a mould of boiled spaghetti on the table. Immediately after the reading tomato sauce is poured over the spaghetti and it is served to the audience.





Performed first time in Oksasenkatu 11, Helsinki (FIN), as part of Vladas Suncovas’ show Vibrant Tensegrity, 2014

Performed again in Mission Gallery, Swansea (Wales), as part of ATB’s show Collective Misunderstandings, 2015