Written play for Pia Eikaas’ piece

A Potential Play







Performed at UKS Mini Festival, Oslo (NO) by Nils Ole Oftebro, Jakob Oftebro and Marionn Hole (see pics)


[Pulls down the fabric so it tightens over head. Tightens it gradually with hands more and more, while continuing the monologue.]

– …I feel I am being strangled by the comforting structure I have myself sought into. My desire is for systems and my freedom is black, acidic sucker water. For I have swallowed the rat. It lives in my belly, shits in my colon, lives off soft drinks and gnaws slowly an ulcer in the already nervous, neurotic tissue. This is I. I am fragility. I am only held upright by the attachment of my spine to my pelvis – but I am round-shouldered, always collapsing on myself. Militantly, I am marching, straight-legged, one, two, one, two: towards the chair, and the parasol. I pretend to ignore the person who saw me even before I arrived, who is eager, piece working, and I let the rat with its front teeth scratch my inner belly wall. Furless, for it is bathed in black acid and it screams of joy while I order another one: “One, two, one, two, one.” And…and…and…

[Vomits black soft drink, lets it leak through the fabric wall that is still held tight over head. The Flaneur coughs and spits as one does, bows for the audience, lets go of the fabric, straightens it out so it hangs as before.]