Klokkefrøernes Kald

Klokkefrøernes Kald

Sound piece and sculpture.

Made for the project The Aesthetic Ear. Exhibited at Rønnebæksholm, Næstved (2021).

It was further exhibited at three social institutions, among them the Solgaven elderly home.

For the process, I had conversations with several residents at Solgaven, who have lived in the area and worked the land. The conversations were about how the agricultural system has changed and this has changed our culture as well as relations to soil and animals. From these conversations, I wrote a text for the sound piece. I also researched the fire-bellied toad, which has previously been extinct in the area of Rønnebæksholm but now is being reintroduced.  The piece circles around the question of how land is being developed, how species (including humans) have to move or die out during these processes of change. Further, the piece delves into how these different layers of time, memories and future possibilities, open up for a transgression between species.

The sculpture is 30 cm across and made of resin and papier-maché. It contains a player for the sound piece.

The sound piece is 9’38. The text is spoken by Sarah Boberg. Sound is composed and edited by Awinbeh Ayagiba.

Interview about the piece and my ideas

Supported by The Danish Arts Council