Method Workshops

An intricate part of our research on design pedagogy is workshops we facilitate over the years. This is a form of practical, hands-on research where we try and experiment with specific methods and subjects. The workshops take form as an exchange with the participants where we share our knowledge and research – at the same time we get to try out things in a concentrated environment. This method has become increasingly important in developing our practice and the ability to share it with a broad group of people.

Some past workshops:


In collaboration with Margarita del Carmen and Martin Haufe

This workshop focused on the relation between game-exercises and theatre games and the conceptual processes of design – when a group of people seek to produce their space, how can they use methods from theatre and games to come with concrete proposals. Specifically we used those exercises compiled by Augusto Boal and others as exercises for Forum Theater. They specifically focus on social dynamics and methods of looking at power dynamics both within the group as well as those coming from outside.

Held at Hochschule für Grafik un Buchkunst, Leipzig, 2016

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In collaboration with Margarita del Carmen and Nils Norman

We here focused on how to observe and learn from a larger urban area, pin pointing smaller spaces to work closer with and finally representing these smaller spaces looking closer at their possibilities in relation to their surroundings. How to produce spaces of otherness and how to share personal feelings towards a space were some of the questions explored.

Held as part of Asterisk Summer School, Tallinn, 2016


In collaboration with Margarita del Carmen

A workshop introducing the RSVP methods of Lawrence Halprin et al. working directly with a space in order to make a design or to observe it

Held first time at School of Walls and Space, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, 2015, in relation to the school’s redesign of their yard