Four pieces shown as part of the group show Draining Of The Tanks at Vermilion Sands, Copenhagen (DK), 2020

Together the pieces explore a colonial connection in Danish agricultural soils, namely to the nitrate industry in Chile. It further expands on the sites of this industry and the agricultural industry in Denmark. Further it delves into how the displacement from landscapes goes hand in hand with a displacement of bodies.

Body 1: Sculpture with screen-head showing a filmed landscape montage. Locations are: Pabellón de Pica, Chile, former mine from where ‘guano’ was extracted and sent to Europe for fertilizing fields. Chacabuco, Chile, former mining town, later prison camp, from where sodium nitrate was extracted and sent to Europe for fertilizing fields. Within and around Kærgaarden, Denmark.

Body 2

Body 3

One morning: This piece binds the different threads together when a dairy farmer on morning has visions from the intestines of an exploded belly of a cow.

One morning is narrated by Sam Taylor

Thank you: Rodolfo Andaur, Carmen America Nuñez san Martín and Margarita del Carmen for knowledge and help.

Supported by: Grosserer L. F. Foghts Fond and The Danish Art Workshops