kristian byskov

Kristian Byskov

Kristian Byskov is an artist, writer and designer.

This site compiles his work and practice.


In his artistic practice, Kristian Byskov investigates the human being as biological material, intricately connected to our surrounding ecological systems, and within this how we can develop our empathic lives. He works with this theme through text as a writer of fiction and through spaces as a visual artist working in media such as sound, video, performance, sculpture, furniture and landscaping – and with themes such as: Science-fiction, ecosystems, catastrophe, the body, death and affect. Here, Kristian Byskov especially focuses on the tension between the text as an ever expanding universe and artistic spaces as capable of narrating dynamically through signs, forms and critical discourse.

Another dimension to Kristian Byskov’s artistic practice is the on-going research project Pedagogy of Space. Here, he, along with other professionals as well as non-professionals, is looking into collaborative processes of citizen engagement around urban spatial design and collective enunciation. This project takes the shape of practical investigations, workshops and activities that over time make a body of methods and experiences as well as concrete designs.

Through the years this practice has become a still deeper and more diverse investigation where different artistic forms meet in various contexts. For Kristian Byskov, lies here a crucial focus of experimenting with and inventing new ways of creating and sharing art on many different levels – as well as how spectators and artists can generate artistic expressions together in many other ways than is conventionally seen.

Kristian Byskov is born in 1984 in Næstved, DK, and graduated as MFA from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, The School of Walls and Space, 2013.

Additionally, he is a trained facilitator of Theatre of the Oppressed from Kuringa, Berlin (DE), 2016, and holds a Permaculture Certificate from Svanholm (DK), 2013.

He received Munch-Christensen’s Debutant Price for Mitose, The Charlottenborg Grant for BUBOS as well as work grants in literature and visual arts from The Danish Arts Council.

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